Chint Uganda is a branch of Chint International that has been growing soundly and showing a good image to the public Since the 1980’s. Our undertaking started from a small workshop producing low-voltage apparatus, growing into an international brand, we have been specialized in electric industry and gradually grew into a leading enterprise in industrial electrical equipment field in China and the whole world.

Switch to the best

Become a leading electrical company known for quality with its technology and ability to integrate international partnerships and networks to provide unparalleled service and products in Africa

To contribute to forward-looking transformation of the society through provision of quality electrical products and services.

Professionalism, efficiency and integrity .

We do what we say and do it well and on time! We believe that quality products, Customer Satisfaction and Trust will always be our Key for success!

  1. Passion: We have the zeal and creativity to always exceed expectations.
  2. Honesty & Integrity: All our actions are based on openness, trust and ethical conduct.
  3.  Operational Excellence: We always strive for excellence with an operating discipline, benchmarked with the best globally.
  4. Innovation: We create systems and provide innovative and high valued products to match the very best in the world.
  5. Accountability: Taking ownership and delivering on commitments.
  6.  Customer Satisfaction: Always ensuring customer delight.

The board of directors and top management take the responsibilities for making decisions on strategy and management. In accordance with the principle of “Efficiency first considering justice”, the combined decision-making style of person decision and group decision is adopted;

Production and operation management is aimed to resolve three problems: “What”, “How many” and “How”.

Product development and design: Employ the two-level development system to continuously develop new products, persistently improve product quality, shorten development period and reduce development cost;

Production & operation system: Build a production & operation system frame which is most suitable for the enterprise and shall become its fixed assets at maximum speed and minimum cost.

Team building: Establish a professional management and technical team with common corporate culture, high sense of innovation, strong expertise and international perspective.

Adhering to and constantly optimize the technology, quality, service, cost and other core operation factors that Chint has formed upon years of practice.

  • Insist on the focus on industry to strengthen main business;
  • Insist on resource integration and performance enhancement;
  • Insist on brand building and value orientation;
  • Insist on guidance by science and technology and comprehensive innovation;
  • Insist on adapting to the environment and taking every opportunity;
  • Insist on people orientation and achievement sharing;
  • Insist on honesty and law-abidance and repaying to the society;
  • Insist on humility, practicalism, harmony and happiness.

Exert all strength to three business sections: clean energy, smart electricity, equity investment, and boost the organic combination, mutual promotion and coordinated development of basic industries and emerging industries, entity operation, and capital operation; develop Chint into a world-class clean energy developer and energy efficiency management series solution provider in 5-10 years.


In operational practice, no matter who we might face, including consumers, competitors, suppliers, agents, government, media or the society, we have always been complying with the principle of “Quality first, customer upmost, fair competition, harmony and win-win, honesty and laws abidance, repaying the society”.


In reiteration of our profound mission to contribute to forward-looking transformation of the society through provision of quality #electrical products and services, and in projection of the year ahead, the CHINT Uganda community had an end of year party at Sheraton Kampala Hotel

Check out the glorious occasion in pictures.

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